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Any pest control company can claim to be effective, but what does it mean...

Effective pest control is accomplished in 3 steps:

1) Discover why the problem exists and find the source 
2) Work with the customer and understand their individual needs
3) Develop a long term solution to permanently eliminate the problem

As an example, a very effective pest control system is the screen on windows and doors; we take them for granted but screens are a long term solution that are perfectly safe and have virtually no impact on the environment.

An open window or broken screen is one source for pests but it is the many harder to detect sources that we will point out to you as part of our integrated cooperative method of pest control. Without an integrated solution:

1. The problem continues to grow and spread 
2. There is a potential for damage to your home and the well being of your family

For these reasons we have created a business built around understanding the source of the problem and coming up with a solution that is permanent and is the least invasive for you and your family.

Call Bliss Now And Get A Price Right Over The Phone In Less Than 5 Minutes

Bliss has pest control experts available when you call to answer your most important questions and provide you with a price.

Unlike other companies that stall when you ask about price, Bliss is proud of the value we provide and happy to discuss price and answer other questions you may have:

  • Is the treatment safe for Children? Pets?
  • Available appointments? How fast can we come out?
  • Is their any environmental impact? Are there 'greener alternatives?'

You can spend hours researching online or 5 minutes talking to a Bliss Expert. Call now and save time and money.

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Placing a Higher value on People... Makes Us Better at getting rid of pests

By treating people well we have been able to retain our top-notch techs, this means the person who shows up at your door will know what they're doing. Our average technician has between 15 and 20 years of experience.

We understand the role science plays and have full-time entomologists on staff.

We understand the worriment caused by an infestation and will communicate with you throughout the process to develop a minimally invasive solution.

At Bliss Pest Control we know there is only one best solution for any problem; so we have built a company around having the people and resources available to find it.

Why Choose Bliss Pest Control?

  • Guaranteed Pest Elimination Available
  • Free Phone Quotes
  • Evening & Weekend Appointments Available
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Established 1882
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The Oldest Pest Control Company in NY & CT

For 125 years home owners in Connecticut have trusted Bliss to provide an effective pest solution.

Bliss has entomologists on staff and our technicians have been with us for years.

When you call Bliss, you get a company you can trust and a company with a lot of experience.

Be confident that you will have the best solution for your individual problem. Call Bliss now for a free consultation..

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